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Photo Book 02 "季節の肖像 -Season Portraits"

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[About] Photo book produced for 2018 solo exhibition "Season portraits 2018" (Osaka). The theme of the book is a fusion of female models and Japanese seasonal scenery. All are fully analog photographs by "multiple exposure" with film cameras, combining a wide variety of films, development methods, and techniques. Collection of works that is the culmination of the "multiple portraits" that Hodaka have been working on in recent years. There are only a few left, so be sure to get it as soon as possible! (Reprints are planned upon request) [Contents] A4 size vertical. Full color 44 pages. Includes all exhibited photos, candidate works, and unpublished works of 2018 exhibition "Season portraits". There is a commentary on all the works at the end of the book. All written in Japanese. With the artist's signature. [Delivery date/method] About 10 days (depending on the country/by regular mail) * Due to the recent reduction in international flights, delivery dates will change depending on the country/region. In some countries (Russian Republic, etc.), delivery is currently not possible due to the instability of the international situation.

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