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Photo NO.07 "融ける秋 -daydream-"

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【About Picture】 An experimental work that creates an unrealistic and psychedelic effect by chemical changing of the film after shooting cosmos flowers. This technique, named "filmsoup," became widely popular among analog photo enthusiasts after his article was published. The film was redscale (front and back of normal film turned upside down). Not multiple exposure. Totally analog work completed in a film camera, without any post-processing or digital editing. 2013 solo exhibition "Dream or Reality? in Nagoya" (Nagoya), 2014 magazine "Hungry Eye" featured (UK). Location: Gifu Prefecture Technique / Development method: Filmsoup, C-41 process 【About Printing】 ・Size: A3(420mm × 297mm) ・Printing: Fine-grained glossy photographic paper for professional labs, with backing sheet (1 mm), edition number, and artist's signature ・Picture only, no frame. ・Please note that the colors/tones of the image may differ from the actual one depending on the environment or device you are viewing. 【Delivery fee】 3000 yen (about 20 US$) *All Region Uniform 【Delivery date】 Ships within 10 days of receiving your order. The arrival date will vary depending on your location. May be delayed due to recent airmail reductions. 【Be careful before ordering】 Due to the recent reduction in flights and the instability of the international situation, it seems that shipping to some countries is not possible. Please note that the order will be canceled if shipping is not possible.

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